Consider a Bequest

Would you like to leave a bequest to 5mbs 99.9fm?

As you can imagine the cost of maintaining our radio station is substantial. We can only continue to provide this unique service for lovers of Jazz and Classical Music – and all the other beautiful music we broadcast – with the support of subscribers and donors.

One especially unique service that 5mbs 99.9fm offers is support for local musicians. We record and broadcast local Adelaide performances. No one else does that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does 5mbs 99.9fm need my bequest?
5mbs receives no direct government financial support for the operation of the station. A major part of the income required to operate the station comes from the music lovers who appreciate the service we provide all day, every day. Without this support, the station would eventually cease to exist.

If I decide to leave a bequest to 5mbs 99.9fm, what form should it take?
All bequests are appreciated equally. Here are several options: 

  1. Lump sum
    This specifies an amount of money or property or some other asset.
  2. Percentage of your estate
    This specifies that a percentage or fraction of the total value of your estate be willed to 5mbs 99.9fm.
  3. Residual balance of your estate
    This wills to 5mbs 99.9fm the remainder of your estate after all expenses have been met and all other beneficiaries have received their inheritances.
  4. Whole estate
    This wills the value of your entire estate to 5mbs 99.9fm.

What wording should I use in my will?
You should consult your solicitor or professional advisor. However, we recommend the following wording:

“I bequeath to the Music Broadcasting Society of South Australia Inc (5mbs 99.9fm) for its general purposes (the whole) or (a specific amount or gift) or (a percentage) or (the residue) of my estate free of all duties for which a receipt from the President or Treasurer or other authorised person shall be a full discharge to my executor.”

May I nominate how my bequest is to be used?
Yes, you may, but it is preferred that you delegate this responsibility to the Board of Directors, who are all dedicated volunteers and are aware of the station’s needs and priorities which can change with the passage of time.

How do I change my will to nominate 5mbs 99.9fm as a beneficiary?
An amendment, known as a codicil, can be made easily by your solicitor for a small fee.

Will my bequest be recognized if I so choose?
Unless you choose to remain anonymous, your bequest will be recognized on the 5mbs 99.9fm Honour Board located in the foyer of the station.

If I have other questions, whom do I contact?
Please contact the Station Manager of 5mbs 99.9fm,  at or by calling 08 8346 2324 or use the contact form.


Thank you for your interest in supporting 5mbs 99.9fm with a bequest. We are pleased that you share our belief in the important role that our station plays in the community.