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  • See the Conquering Hero Comes. Or does he?
    This chorus from Handel’s oratorio Judas Maccabeus (HWV63), is part of English history. Judas Maccabeus was Handel’s most popular oratorio after Messiah and it helped restore his fortune after his operas had been driven from the stage by The Beggar’s Opera and other Ballad Operas.
  • A Tale of Famous Paintings: Stolen, Falsely Claimed & Then Restored to the Rightful Owners.
    Alma Mahler, Gustav Klimt, and the Nazi art-lovers and thieves and many other things. 2012 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Gustav Klimt. It’s appropriate to remember him and his strong influences on many people and events.
  • One-upmanship: The Extreme Case
    What’s the ultimate in one-upmanship or exclusivity if you like? Today it’s perhaps owning a luxury car; say, a Rolls Royce or a Bentley or even a Bugatti Veyron. Perhaps it’s owning a large estate in the Adelaide Hills; rolling acres with a vineyard, a racehorse or three to occupy your time and consume your excess wealth. Or even a yacht in which your specialised crew can compete for the Americas Cup.

    But what if you lived at a time and in a place where circumstances had allowed a large number of people to become very wealthy; wealthy in a way almost never seen before or even since?
  • Herbert von Karajan 1908 – 1989
    Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft [DGG] has issued an 82 CD set of all the recordings made by the great conductor Herbert von Karajan during the 1960’s. Ian Johnstone and Glen will be presenting four programs during July using these CDs. In preparing the scripts for his programs Glen has been re-reading the monumental biography of Herbert von Karajan by Richard Osborne.
  • Alkan 1814-1899: -- Now this guy's really eccentric: -- Or is he?
    Charles-Valentin Morhange was born in Paris in November 1813, the eldest son of Alkan Morhange [1780–1855] and Julie Morhange née Abraham. He was the second of six children, one elder sister, and four younger brothers, and his father supported the family as the proprietor of a private music school in Le Marais, the Jewish quarter of Paris.
  • Handel; Farinelli and the Beggar’s Opera
    Was Handel the great opera impresario? If so, how was it that the Beggar’s Opera by John Gay drove Handel’s operas from the stage and sent the backers broke?
  • Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft
    Elsa Schiller & Why DGG has a yellow label.
  • Robin Hood's Last Victory
    'My earliest recollections are based on reading the borrowed library book of my older brother when I was home in bed sick as a small child and had not long before learned to read.'
  • His Master's Voice
    'The "Phonograph" was the inspired invention of Thomas Edison who chanced across its operating principle in 1877 when he was looking for a way to speed up the transmission of Morse code.'
  • High Fidelity and All That
    'Look; you can't fit a whole orchestra in your lounge room, so why bother with Hi-Fi? Any old sound system is good enough for me; - and I couldn’t tell the difference anyway. Statements frequently made by the unconverted to those of us who believe. Well to be frank, I couldn’t fit a grand piano into my lounge room either but that hasn’t stopped me from slowly building a Hi-Fi system over many years that sounds as good as the real thing.'
  • Sir Charles Mackerras, A Memoir
    'Charles Mackerras was probably the greatest Australian conductor who ever lived. Born in the USA in November 1925, he died in England in July 2010.'
  • What's In a Name
    Indexing Systems

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Glen Quick

Glen Quick is a foundation member of 5MBS and was recently granted life-membership in recognition of his service to the Music Broadcasting Society of South Australia. He played a major role in the establishment of 5MBS and the granting of a broadcasting licence in 1998. He has served as a presenter from the outset.

Glen worked as an electrical engineer in the power industry. A childhood passion for gramophones led to an adult fascination with hi-fi and all things musical. Retirement brought community radio and eleven years on the 5MBS Management Committee, where Glen was largely instrumental in establishing the station on a sound footing.

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