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Photo: Maria Zhdanovich with the adjudicators, Christopher Stone (compere) and
the Governor, Her Excellency Frances Adamson AC.

Winners are announced!
Piano winner: Jenny Su;
Instrumental winner : Maria Zhdanovich (flute);
Voice winner : Cherie Surman (soprano).
Congratulations to all the section winners.

The overall Young Virtuoso Award winner is (drum roll) MARIA ZHDANOVICH!!!! Congratulations Maria!

Congratulations to all our contestants for being selected for the event, to our three adjudicators, Brian Chatterton, Gil Sullivan and Lachlan Bramble who had the unenviable task of choosing the winners today.

Thanks also to St John’s Church for allowing us to hold the event in this wonderful location.

Finally, thanks to our Governor, Her Excellency Frances Adamson AC, for attending the event and presenting the prizes.

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